Monday, November 30, 2009

Corgi Toys - WWII British Desert Rat Morris Quad Tractor, Limber & 25pdr Gun

Corgi Toys #909 Quad Tractor, Limber & 25pdr Gun
Released in

Note : Item is original, has not been retouched, repaired or repainted.



The Morris Commercial C8 FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) commonly known as a Quad was an artillery tractor of the British and Commonwealth forces during World War II. It was used to tow medium artillery pieces, such as the 25 pounder gun-howitzer, and the 17 pounder anti-tank gun.
The original artillery tractor design was by Guy Motors based on a Morris C8 4 x 4 chassis in 1937. As demand was greater than the available production capacity at Guy, Morris took on production followed by other manufacturers later.
The Quad had a 4 ton winch to pull it or the gun.
Production of 10,000 plus vehicles was mostly by Morris Commercial Cars Ltd, Karrier and General Motors Canada.
The Ordnance QF 25 pounder, or more simply, 25-pounder or 25-pdr, was introduced into service just before World War II, during which it served as the major British field gun/howitzer. It was considered by many to be the best field artillery piece of the war, combining high rates of fire with a reasonably lethal shell in a highly mobile piece. It was the British Army's primary artillery field piece well into the 1960s, with smaller numbers serving in training units until the 1980s. -From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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